Book Review for “The Time of My Life”

Book Review for: The Time of my Life
Written by: Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi
Atria Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5858-6
247 pages
3.5 StarsReviewed by: S. BurkhartAuthors Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi share their thoughts, life, and love in a bittersweet and poignant memoir with “The Time of my Life.” Written before he died, Swayze shares the many insights he learned living life and the hardest battle he ever fought – pancreatic cancer.The novel opens with a prologue. One section is written by Swayze, the other by Niemi. Immediately, the love Swayze has for his wife shines through. She is the force behind him, his guiding star, the wind beneath his wings. It is a true testament to the power of love that Swayze and Niemi were married over 33 years.Swayze was a man that attracted fans of all kinds, but his beginnings were humble. Raised in Texas, his father taught him that a real man can be tough and gentle. Patrick grew up taking dance and doing gymnastics. An accident at a high school football game blows out his knee.Despite this setback, Patrick pursues gymnastics and dance until his knee forces him to purse something else – acting.Patrick and Lisa marry early in their lives, in 1975. They go through many ups and downs. What is so heart warming to discover is how supportive Lisa is of Patrick. They move to Hollywood and work hard to make ends meet. Finally, Patrick is cast in a movie. As his work is recognized, he continues to get jobs. His most memorable ones include Dirty Dancing, North and South, and Ghost.Patrick takes the death of his father hard and begins to drink. His drinking will haunt him and his relationships the rest of his life.After overcoming poverty and rising to stardom, Swayze must now tackle the biggest challenge of his life – pancreatic cancer. His fearless attitude is an inspiration to all.Swayze and Niemi write in a style that’s easy to read and understand. They story flows well and the reader can connect to Swayze as if he’s a fun-loving brother.Swayze’s passion for life shines in the pages. He grew up in an everyday home and married his sweetheart. He barely made it to New York, but all the hard work paid off when Swayze was recognized in Hollywood.Niemi’s love and support is an inspiration as well. She earned credits in dancing, directing, and writing, but never found the breakout role that Patrick did.”The Time of my Life” is an exciting memoir of Swayze’s life, career, and love. You can’t put it down! A must read for Swayze fans.